Most of my services can be done over the phone, various video options, or in-person for locals.  In order to provide you with the most value during our sessions, please plan to set aside time to complete the required forms prior to our scheduled appointment time. Visit the forms page to find printable PDF versions of a Food Preferences Checklist, a Food Diary, and a Health Assessment. You’ll also see an option to submit each form online.

Nutrition Introduction

Trying to determine if my coaching services would be a good fit to help you meet your health and wellness goals? Schedule a complimentary introductory discussion to share your concerns and goals. I’ll provide you with information and suggestions to help you decide which program would be the best starting point for your needs. Can’t wait to talk to you soon!

Nutrition Consultation

Let’s get the ball rolling! This one-time consultation will provide you with an in-depth health assessment and a personalized plan for the steps to take to reach your health goals. Past, present, future – we’ll discuss your health history, your current status, and where you’d like to see your health in the near future. If you have any recent lab results that have raised concerns, please plan to share those with me, as well as any medications you take. We’ll record your current physical stats (height, weight, etc) to compare with as your health improves.

To maximize our scheduled time together, you will be provided with forms to fill out ahead of time. A food preferences sheet will allow me to get an idea of which type of food plan will work best for you. A health assessment form will give me opportunity to review information ahead of time. And the food diary will provide me insight into your current eating patterns. Providing these ahead of time allows me to fully prepare for our consultation and provide valuable resources according to your health needs. Following our session, you’ll receive an email summarizing everything we’ve gone over. Expect the consultation to last approximately 60 minutes so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Follow Up Consultation

Yay! You’ve started your journey to improved health. Let’s meet up to discuss how everything is going for you. Are you rocking your plan? I want to celebrate with you! Are you experiencing struggles? Let’s adjust your plan to make it more doable. We’ll update your physical stats record and I’ll provide you with any pertinent educational materials that may benefit you as well. Expect a follow-up session to last approximately 30 minutes so you can best plan your schedule.

Nutrition Education

As a certified NDTR, I have a lot of valuable information I would love to share with you. Some of the various topics you can choose from include: label reading, nutrients your body craves most, proper hydration, and much more.

Grocery Store Tour (Local service)

This service is for the locals!

Do you need help shopping? Do you go to the store with good intentions but get home with bags full of junk food that you don’t remember putting into your cart? “Low-fat”, “Healthy Choice”, “Reduced calorie” — do misleading labels confuse you? Does hearing the total at the register make your head spin??

I’ll meet you right at the grocery store and arm you with information to help you make healthier, budget-friendly choices every time you’re at the store. We’ll make sense of those pesky labels so they never catch you off guard again! Which store will I be meeting you at this week?

Pantry/Refrigerator Analysis (Local service)

Tired of reaching for a snack to realize all your produce has spoiled, while bags of chips and cookies taunt you at every turn? I’ll meet you at your home and review your fridge and pantry with you. We’ll discuss the labels, ingredients, and nutrient impacts. I’ll help you clean out the pantry and fridge based off of what you learned. The first step to eating healthy foods is putting healthy foods into your home!

Nutritional Coaching

This is the whole shabang folks! At the end of the day when all your good intentions are dissolved into that bowl of melty ice cream – do you really just wish you had someone to tell you what to do? How much should I eat, when should I eat it, and how in the world do I cook it?

I can provide you with weekly meal plans customized to your specific daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat settings to align with your personal goals. I’ll include an exercise plan to ensure your body is getting the activity it craves. The meal plan will come with grocery shopping lists with easy food prep instructions for healthy and easy-to-make recipes. You’ll get weekly weigh-ins and progress check-ins with me as well. Having a nutritional coach brings ongoing accountability and renewed motivation to the table. I’d be honored to help you achieve your health goals!

Get Healthy – Package #1

A consultation and 2 follow-up sessions.

It takes a good 3-4 weeks to form new habits. Set yourself up for success by planning on coming back for 2 weekly follow-up sessions.

You’ll get your initial consultation with your personalized course of action to start you on your journey. By choosing this package you’ll ensure that you’re committed to your follow-up progress sessions to assess and reevaluate any needed changes. I’ll be here to check in on you and provide further educational materials as well. Bundle, save, and ensure your success! See descriptions above for more details on what your consultations will include.

Get Healthy – Package #2

A consultation, 1 follow-up, and a Nutrition Education session.

When you select this package to bundle and save, you’ll receive your initial nutritional consultation, 1 follow-up session the following week, and a Nutrition Education session.

At your consultation, we’ll be able to determine which educational material will be of most interest to you. See descriptions above for more details on what your consultations will include.

Get Healthy – with a partner!

A consultation and a follow-up session – for 2 people together!

Everything is easier when you have someone to face it with. If you are looking to get fit with your spouse, your parent, or your best friend, you can join forces and do it together with this 2 person package option. This package will give you the starting point you both need with your nutritional consultation and a follow-up session.

Please note these appointments will require a little more time, so please plan your schedules accordingly. Expect the 2 person nutritional consultation to last approximately 90 minutes and your 2 person follow up session to last approximately 45 minutes. See the descriptions above for more details on what your consultations will include.

Get Healthy – Family Style! (Local service)

Ready to get healthy as a family? This one involves the kiddos – so plan to schedule this at a time when everyone will be home! I’ll meet you at your house, test your kids’ knowledge of basic health information, provide an overview of how you can make healthy choices as a family, and conduct a pantry analysis to get you started on your journey to improved family health. Expect this session to last approximately 2 hours to ensure your schedule allows me to provide you with the most beneficial information.


Book any of the Get Healthy packages and receive a bonus 3-day meal plan with your sessions! This will include all your meals and snacks and the grocery list and meal prep needed for your success.

Nutrition Lifestyle Program

A program that has scientifically developed plans, that consist of nutrient-dense snacks and meals aka “Fuelings” and one or two whole food meals aka “lean and greens” prepared by you. The fuelings and lean and greens are portion controlled and interchangeable. The fuelings also contain 24 vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, healthy fats, and probiotics. The fuelings have no colors, added flavors or artificial sweeteners. The plans are recommended by over 20,000 doctors and used by more than 1 million people. I will be your coach for FREE during the whole program. Together we will learn how to make healthy choices, portion your food appropriately, how to balance your plate and how to prepare food in a slow procession. The plan that is right for you will be based off of the assessment I will conduct.