I love helping people get healthy! Maybe you’ve been on the same roller coaster I was on most of my life. I’ve struggled with weight and health issues in the past. Now I’ve turned it all around and not only created new lifestyle habits for my own family but have been a part of helping over 100 people just like you take back their health! Are you next? I’d love to help you out!

Are you ready to get healthy with me?! Take a look at what some of my clients have been saying below:

“Now I know I can learn to trust in God and lose weight!”

“Sonja, you are the first person to try to help me with my weight without making me feel like a failure or loser. Now I know I can learn to trust in God and lose weight! I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.”



“…all of my cholesterol numbers are much lower…and in the healthy range!”

“Sonja Love gave me education on what foods I needed to eat less of to help lower my cholesterol. She gave me goals to help me feel the best that I can. She gave me great insight into food labels and how to read them so that I am putting the best things in my body. I recently went to the doctor for a general physical and all of my cholesterol numbers are much lower than they were when I started with Sonja and now all in the healthy range! I am so thankful to Sonja for the nutrition counseling.”



“…really has my best interest at heart…”

“Sonja Love is an excellent nutrition coach and really has my best interest at heart. She listens and understands my daily struggles and introduced me to the right program for my busy lifestyle. I’m 20 lbs down in less than 5 weeks which is remarkable. Thanks so much!”